This is Skyscraeper´s litte teaser for this winter´s coming releases. Enjoy Gunung Agnung, a big and rolling techno monster.

The 4th Filtered Visions dj-mix compilation is there. Liquid Sky smoothly mixes the best Filtered Visions tracks of the last years, spiced up with some unreleased tracks. 60 minutes of pure techno!

It was a long wait for the next Filtered Visions release but it was worth it. 2 Tracks by Liquid Sky show you his way of feeling techno from the slow and dark Nebuleux to the bass driven Imprecis.

Roof Mirror is the new Skyscraeper EP. Roof brings you fat sounds, a fat bassdrum and a pumping sound wall. Mirror is stripped to the bone, nearly minimal but does not stand behind. Its darkest techno as ever.

Autumn is coming and it is time for a series of new Filtered Visions releases. The first is Liquid Sky´s new EP. As always there are smoother and a harder parts in his EPs. The intro track Automatic is more on the melodic side with distorted sounds but in a relaxed mood. Transmission goes more straight on in a repetitive manner for the dancefloor.

The third Filtered Visions dj-set contains the latest Filtered Visions tracks together with the most wanted tracks of the last years mixed by Liquid Sky.

Skyscraeper is back with his new single providing deepest techno. Croc is a nasty industrial bass monster made for the darkest techno cellars. Pool Party is more on the funky side but getting violent at the end.

Inspiried by a trip into the wilderness, here come the darkest tracks Liquid Sky ever made. The four tracks have all between minimalism and maximal thunderstorms for the techno dancefloors. As always there is a short dj set matching all tracks together very well.

Skyscraeper is back. Some years after his last EP for Filtered Visions which was very popular with the european techno dj´s here is the new one. The two tracks have something for everyone. While Desert is a very dark stomping and heavy techno track, Road is on the more bright side of groovy techno.

There it is ! Liquid Sky comes back with a series of brand new techno EP´s for Filtered Visions. End or Beginning ? is the first one. Enjoy the banging title track End or Beginning ?. It is maximal, it is energetic, it has the right dark, distorted and raw atmosphere. Superbrain and Repetitions are much more minimal and relaxed, but bringing it to the same point: pure underground techno! But that is not all. Additional there is a short dj-set containing all three tracks mixed in amazing fashion as usual.

Liquid Sky´s musical work for Filtered Visions Records brought 3 wonderful detroit techno EP´s to his fans as well as 2 dj-mixes the last 4 years. Retrospective Analysis is looking back and has all the tracks. Two of the containing tracks are in a reworked year 2012 version!

The second Filtered Visions dj-set contains the stronger and harder Filtered Visions tracks mixed by Liquid Sky in amazing fashion.

Liquid Sky plays the best of minimal Filtered Visions tracks in a smooth dj-set.

Filtered Visions strong comeback in 2010. This is the new Liquid Sky EP. Deep and dark techno as ever. 

Pressure !!! ....for the dancefloor. This masterpiece of Berlins upcoming detroit techno artist Skyscreaper is no compromise. This is pure undergound techno!

Another Filtered Visions digital release presents three massive and groovy dj-tools by technomaster Echoplex.

After the famous Dark Side EP on Filtered Visions, Liquid Sky comes back with the long awaited and very versatile Sparks EP. 3 energetic tracks: the housy Light, the minimal The Darkness and the stomping Sparks were already tested at and burned the Tresor dancefloor in Berlin !!

Filtered Visions presents: Skyscraeper!! His first album provides stunning detroit techno tracks. They where built in a deep dark cellar somewhere in Berlin. Oldschool!

Filtered Visions presents Tresor Resident DJ SUBTRONIC and his dancefloor burning FUNDAMENT EP. Nice mixture between groovy tech-house and strong minimal techno!

Filtered Visions digital 002 - Liquid Sky - berlin city adventures is different from the Filtered Visions Vinyl Releases. It gives an insight of Liquid Skys studio work the last years and contains not only Tracks for the dancefloor.

FILTERED VISIONS - the new german techno label from Berlin starts with 3 brilliant tracks of TRESOR artist Liquid Sky.